Your Pearl Bracelet

The most expensive pearl bracelets are those with spherical pearls – the rounder the pearls, the more expensive the bracelet. Symmetrical pearl bracelets include pearls that are pear-shaped and any other shapes that have symmetry but are not round. Lastly, baroque pearls are irregularly shaped pearls – least expensive, yes, but are unique and beautiful as bracelets too visit this link.

Pearl bracelets come in different colors too. The general color of a pearl is called the body color, and is typically white, cream, yellow, silver, pink, or black. Pearls can also have overtones, which are apparent when light reflects off the pearl surface. For instance, a pearl bracelet could be white, but give off a pinkish sheen when raised into the light. Pearl bracelets are exceptional, and given special attention and care, the pearls will last a lifetime. Softness makes pearls vulnerable – keep them away from household chemicals such as hair spray, make-up, and perfume. These are notorious for dulling the luster of pearls, and over time will cause blotches and spots. To avoid all these, the pearl bracelet should be the last thing a woman puts on before going out. Wearing your pearl bracelet often is also a good idea. It is, in fact, one of the best ways to care for them, as they remain lustrous because of the body’s natural oils. Before storing after use, wipe the pearl bracelet with a soft cloth and always keep separately from other gemstones or precious metals. Pearls are quite soft, and they could be scratched quite easily and their tender surfaces could be dulled by other jewelry.

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Getting Stair Railing For Your Home And Deck – A Smart Approach

The main purpose of a stair railing in your house or leading to your deck is to ensure the safety of its users. If you are going to sell a house or rent it out you are legally bound to install the railings for your stairs, otherwise you may be taken to court in case of an accident which will happen due to absence of a stair railing additional info.

In addition to being a safety feature stair railings can also add to the look of your house. So when you are choosing a railing you can always look for something which is not only safe but also nice to look at.

You should know there are many to pick from if you want to install a stair railing in your house or on your deck stairs. You can either choose a simple and sober design or go for something which is stylish. If you have chosen an elaborate design it is certainly going to catch the eyes of your friends and relatives and they are going to appreciate your aesthetic sense.

When you are installing a railing you must pay attention to its primary purpose and that is safety. In case of a fall or slip on the stairs, one’s immediate reflex is to go for the handrail. So it should be strong enough to support the weight of an adult. Balusters are also of equal importance. They should be high enough so that an elderly person who may have a dizzy spell should not fall over them. The spacing between them should not be more that four inches so that smaller children should not get stuck between those.

Once you have decided on the design and measurements of your railing then the next step is to choose the material. Whatever it is it should be strong enough to support a person who may accidentally fall. You actually have a variety to choose from like wood, vinyl, and metal, composites can also be used. Among the metal you have a choice between cast iron, brass, bronze, wrought iron, aluminum etc.

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Keeping Good Care for Your Silver Bracelet

A silver bracelet is an elegant piece of jewelry that can be worn with almost anything at any occasion. However, silver is exposed to elements everyday that cause it to tarnish or to oxidize. The catalysts for tarnish include many elements such as oxygen, sulfur, or even the salt residue from your hands. There is some proper care and cleaning that one must know to keep silver looking its best. Here are some helpful tips to keep your silver bracelet looking beautiful black obsidian bracelet.

Preventing Tarnish

There are certain chemicals and products that can cause your silver bracelet to tarnish that should be avoided. Do not apply any sort of sun tan oil, hair spray, hair color, perfume, rubber, and body lotions while wearing your silver jewelry. These all contain chemicals that can potentially cause your jewelry to tarnish. Always remove any silver jewelry when working with chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, alcohol, finger nail polish removers with acetone, and turpentine. Also the acids in tape, cardboard, and newspaper can be harmful to your silver bracelet. Avoid contact with wool and felt (these materials contain sulfur that can cause the silver to oxidize) and do not shower with your silver bracelet on. Keep away from these things to also avoid potential tarnish of your sliver bracelet.


You should clean your silver bracelet regularly to remove tarnish. When cleaning, do not use any materials that are too abrasive and that will scratch the material. Never use a toothbrush, no matter how soft the bristles are suppose to be. Instead, clean your silver bracelet with a soft, cotton, lint-free cloth. Also, wear plastic gloves instead of rubber gloves since the rubber can possibly cause the silver to tarnish.

With your soft cloth and plastic gloves you are ready to begin cleaning your silver bracelet. To begin, remove any dust or debris that could possibly scratch the item. Next, rinse the bracelet with warm water and mild soap (avoid scented soaps) and pat dry. The bracelet is now ready to be polished. Many polishes are available in different forms (i.e. pastes, liquids, and foams). My recommendation would be to use a polish that gives a wax-like finish; this creates a barrier for future tarnish. No matter what you use, be sure to remove all the polish from your jewelry. To finish, rinse in warm water (do not soak) and pat dry.

General Care and Storage

When you are not wearing your silver bracelet, you should always store it in a place that is airtight to avoid oxidization. Do not store jewelry in cardboard boxes or tissue paper. The chemicals from these materials will cause more harm than good. The best way to store your silver bracelet is by placing it in an airtight cabinet or drawer along with anti-tarnishing strips. There are also special silver cloths that can be purchased to wrap your jewelry in for storage. It is best to keep them jewelry pieces separate in order to avoid possible scratching. Remember, one of the best ways to keep you silver bracelet looking good is to wear it! Your body oils act as a shield for many of the catalysts for tarnish.

If you keep good care of your silver bracelet in its cleaning, storage and general care of it, you will be able to wear it for years to come. Just remember to keep it away from harmful chemicals, keep up with cleaning it, and to store it properly. It is important to take care of your jewelry so that it may remain beautiful every time you wear it.

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Do You Really Need House Painters?

No matter the reason as to why you’re choosing to paint a room; a fresh coat of paint will surely do wonders for your home’s decor. Applying a new coat of paint will achieve a number of things, such as creating a new atmosphere and making the room look fresh and clean. On this note, most who go this route and decide to repaint rooms in their homes, usually hire house painters. If you are short on a budget, then you can certainly do the project on your own and maybe have your friends help out

Moving forward, since you’re not going to hire house painters, there are a few methods which you should consider. If you only have intentions of “touching up” the walls, then the most important thing or aspect for you to worry about is making sure you match the colors just right. The easy way to do this is to chip a piece of the paint off your wall and take it to a local home improvement store. Associates there will scan the chip and match the color perfectly. Keep in mind that a professional house painter will take care of this, as well as everything else that concerns the painting process. But if you are really decided and want to get the job done by yourself, then these steps will surely be of help.

1. Head on over to a local home improvement store and purchase some rollers, medium sized brush, small brush, paint pans, paint stirrers, and painters tape. Of course you must choose the color paint which you plan on using.

2. Make sure you move all the pieces of furniture and other objects either out of a room or to the center of the room. You should then cover the floor and any remaining furniture with plastic and on this note, see to it that you cover light switches, as well as outlets.

3. Begin with the top of the ceiling and use rollers for this. Start painting from one corner and make your way to the other side. As you do this, attempt to keep the strokes as even as you can to get the best results possible. You may then use the rollers to start coating the walls.

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How a Painter Can Help

Hiring a professional painter can take the stress out of your next home improvement project. Instead of going through the hassle of doing the job yourself or wasting time and money, think about having someone with years of experience tackle the work for you check this out.

When most people think of a professional painter, they think of an individual painting the interior of a home. In reality, however, they can do a number of different types of jobs. Whether the project is big or small, these professionals have the skills needed to get the job done.

In addition to the interior walls of a home, a professional painter can also tackle the outside of your home or business. Instead of wasting time and money at the paint store trying to decide on the perfect color, a professional can provide you with different samples and even paint small swatches on your building so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to color.

If your home or business is large, you may need a team of painters to get the job done. But, they will be able to professionally complete the job much quicker than the time it would have taken you to do it on your own. The exterior of your home or business can make a big first impression. So, it’s best to leave these jobs to the professionals.

Besides the interior and the exterior of your home, a painter can also assist you with different home improvement projects. They can help you paint or restore pieces of furniture. They could also paint molding or baseboards for a quick facelift to any room in your home.

Sometimes, ceilings even need painting. If the resident before you was a smoker, it is likely that the paint is somewhat yellowed. You may even still notice a smoky smell. Using paint specifically designed to address these issues, a professional can help.

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